DragonBox Competition Results!


The DragonBox competition is over and the results have been announced just a few hours ago by Evil Dragon. There were many entries in all categories this time, and many of pretty good quality. So, you want to know who won, right ?

Allright. First, in the Ported Games category, the winner was Eduke32 (Duke Nukem 3D engine). This was obviously a very good port. The previous Eduke32 port available was not making full use of the Pandora screen and its controls were awkward. This version is configured properly from the start. A joy to use. Here’s the repo link.

The second and third places were won by RTS ports:

  • Stratagus, which lets you use the Warcraft 2 game files (while the AI is not the same…)
  • Widelands, a port from the open source game.

In the Original Games category, the winner was almost obvious from the start: Aquaventure was original, well executed AND new. Well done to iprice and we will be coming back on that game very soon for a full review. Here’s the repo link.

The 2nd and 3rd places were taken by excellent games as well, in the form of updates from previous builds:

  • Pandora Microbes! (a RTS-like game where you fight against hordes of microbes)
  • Puzzletube (a puzzle game taking place on a 3D cylinder)

The Emulators category became a no-brainer once Exophase entered the competition with his fantastic DS Emulator DraStic. You can read our full review and the subsequent update for the latest info on this. You probably already have it, but it’s in the repo.

The 2nd and 3rd entries were very decent as well:

  • 8Blitter is an excellent Sega Master System emulator (among others)
  • Apkenv + apkenv.ui enables some Android games to run directly under the GNU/Linux OS. We reviewed it a few days ago. It’s very cool for the games that are supported.

Applications were numerous this time, but LibreOffice was another obvious winner since there was a huge demand for a proper office suite working on Pandora’s Super Zaxxon firmware. Get it in the repo if you have not already, but be warned: it’s huge. Note that there are still some issues with the current version: importing graphs in documents seems to be broken at this stage, while P’tit Seb is working on finding a fix… (Sorry P’tit Seb for sending you PMs every 2 days to inquire about the status of the fix.)

The 2nd and 3rd entries deserved their reward as well:

  • Code::Blocks, a fantastic tool to compile tons of software directly on your Pandora (be warned, compiling something like LibreOffice can take 3 days!)
  • SOLEIL is a great tool to do a bunch of different stuff around Slackware. The list of features is too long to copy here, and note that it’s not in the repo.

If you want the full results in more details and less raving, ED’s post should fit your needs.

Well, what do you say? I say it’s a great start for the Pandora in 2013 !

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I’m very happy at the number of original games and emulators that came out of this competition. Not that the Pandora is lacking new releases these days, but games like Aquaventure are very impressive (even if I’m completely stuck on the 8m level.

My personal favourite is Hexgem – a hexagonal take on the Zookeeper game, with awesome music and retro graphics. Only thing it’s really missing is a high score table.