Diablo II Running on Open Pandora!


Notaz has once again taken everyone by surprise. After Starcraft and Diablo which were already pushing the limits of static recompilation, he has managed to port Diablo II to the Pandora and released it without prior notice on the repo – It took him a month and a half to get to the current point. End 2015 and it’s still amazing to see what can be done on this little machine.

It seems like the game works fine even on a CC unit, with a little overclocking. If you have a 1 Ghz unit it should be completely smooth anyway Рthe framerate is locked at 25 fps. You can grab the PND on the repo and see for yourself as long as you grab the data files from a install CD. The instructions to get it running are as follows:

1. Make Full Install of the game on a PC, also of it's expansion, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.
2. Still on PC, apply the official 1.13d patch (LODPatch_113d.exe).
3. Copy D2Music.mpq from the Diablo 2 Play CD and D2xMusic.mpq from the Lord of Destruction CD into the game's folder.
4. Check if the game starts without any CD inserted on PC.
5. Copy the whole game's folder on PC to pandora/appdata of the SD card and name it diablo2

I have not tried those instructions myself, and I cannot tell you yet if you need a Windows Install to make those work, or if things could also work fine using WINE on Linux. In case you were wondering how well it runs, well here’s a quick and dirty video taken by TrashMG, showcasing a working multiplayer session between DIablo II running on the PC and another user on the Pandora.

Amazing stuff, again. Well done, Notaz !!

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Is it just me thinking about the tremendous potential of little open hardware consoles, that could awaken sleeping dragons? If more publishers could only wind up the source code under a free license… There is still so much ppl can improve. Recreating/improving parts of a game, even adding more content. Refurbishing earlier parts of a series to be equal in quality to the more polished, sophisticated latter ones. Trying to achieve best visual quality/gaming experience on hardware the games were never intended to be played (e.g. tablets). Even more ppl can contribute, those who can not code engage in other… Read more »