My Day With The Pandora (FZero)


My days with Pandora mainly consist of gaming, a touch of gaming, mixed up with a little more gaming. I know that I’m not making the most of this amazing pocket device, I’m finding new useful, fun, interesting programs all the time and know that my Pandora will continue to provide me more than just gaming. But I do like to play games and nothing does that task quite as well as my Pandora.

[ This is a Guest Post by FZero from the Pandora Boards ]

New Years Day, 2014, and as usual I’m picking up my Pandora to time warp back to the 80’s & 90’s, enjoying my old Megadrive, NES and Spectrum favourites. There’s a few games which I have a habit of jumping into even if it’s just for a few quick levels without worrying about making or continuing from save states. Classics like Super Mario Bros, Chuckie Egg, Arkanoid. These are my casual games, when I’ve a few minutes here or there. Each of those aforementioned classics got a little playtime today, as I sat with my daughter in the flat, she had her play-mat and was half watching childrens telly.

In the afternoon I went to the pub for lunch, again. And yet again the Pandora was a saviour for the short drive with my girl. Sometimes she is happy in the car – Sometimes not so happy. Today was a not so happy. I’ve used the great The Tube application, the YouTube player and downloader, to download a couple of short clips of Waybuloo, a kids animation which is very popular with my daughter. I use the PanPlayer application to play these episodes back. Popped the Pandora on the back parcel shelf where she can see and hear her program and she is happy as can be. Makes my driving a lot nicer too.


At the pub, we were with a couple friends and their kids, one of whom is 5 years old. He always is asking to play with my games when he visits my flat, either my Pandora or my Wii U. I let him use the Pandora whilst we waited for our food to come, he’s not the greatest of players but he enjoys it and that’s what counts eh. Today he had a go on Batman & Robin, Jurassic Park, Simpsons, all on the Snes9x4P emulator.


Tonight, I’ve used the Pandora to make a quick change to a friends website for them, as it was on standby next to me on the sofa when my mate text me to see if I would make the change. This was a simple update to a webpage which contains schedule dates for their gym. Rather than get off my arse and get my laptop, then wait for Windows to boot up… I just use Pandora, much quicker. I used FileZilla application to access the FTP and d/l the file, made the quick changes to the dates using gedit text editor application then re-uploaded to the server. All done in a couple of minutes. My old laptop probably wouldn’t had even got to my desktop [that’s providing there wasn’t a bunch of automatic Window updates to load too].


I’ve had a little more gaming tonight too, in the form of Pac-Land on UAE4All Amiga emulator and Commando on Vice-64 Commodor64 emulator.


Tonight I’ve also spent some time on Korg DS Synthesizer using the DraStic Nintendo DS emulator. I love this thing. I’ve also got a Korg Kaossilator 2 Mini, which is great fun to use, but I’ve lost the mains for it and it eats AA batteries like nobody’s business. So it is great to have this on the Pandora where battery is not so much a concern – far from it in fact. I just connect my headphones and mess around making sounds and generally zoning out to my own little made rhythms.

So that’s basically it for today, my Pandora has been pulled out the pocket a few times throughout the day – Mainly for gaming – But ultimately that was why I even bought the device anyway, as a great gaming machine. The other stuff it offers me is all added bonus.

I do look forward to discovering more I can do with the Pandora … I just need to not get distracted by all these great games to hand and that is never going to be easy : )

Other applications I do use but were not used today, which I’d just like to mention as they are great and I thank the people behind them;

  • The GUI’s; I really love having the ability to switch up the GUI. I like OpenBox a lot, really good looking. I use Pandafe a lot too, also MiniMenu. The XFCE4 I also hop back into from time to time, as certain applications I find work better when running under that.

  • PND Manager; Just a great way to discover and install stuff – easily.

  • Games; F-1 Spirit Remake, Frogatto, Shmupacabra, so many nice games which I’d never experienced without my Pandora.

  • MilkyTracker, which I’ve not really gotten the hang of yet but looks interesting, just really need to spend some time with that and plan to soon.

  • GIMP, SnapSnap, Archive Manager, FireFox – All very useful applications for me.

  • Emulators; so, so many emulators ; )

Thanks to everyone who in anyway is involved with these programs I use, those porting, developing, ED and the crew for the hardware, notaz and whoever else is behind the OS, Ekianjo for the blog, all the great forum community.

Happy New Year to you all!

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Hmm… I’m a little skeptical about giving an expensive toy like this to little kids considering the case is not the strongest in the world 🙂 Until PYRA comes along, my Pandora is kidless for now 🙂