The Day of The Pandora


A couple of weeks ago Evil Dragon announced the upcoming Day of the Pandora to occur on the 1st of June. Well, the date has now come and here is what the wait was all about. Was it worth it ? In short, yes, definitely !

So, today you get this. A proper move towards making the Pandora one of most Open devices in terms of hardware around:

Note that these are all under non-commercial use at this stage, but if you are interested to use it for commercial purposes it is possible to negociate something directly with the team (royalties or one-time fee). You can access all files on the OpenPandora boards and learn more about the license there.

It will be interesting to see if there are some community projects to improve on the current design or not. Especially around the case, now that the specs are out and 3D printers are getting more and more common.

There’s more good news. Evil Dragon is selling for the month of June the Pandora 1Ghz in a megapack format with the following included:

  • Pandora 1GHz handheld, incl. AC Adaptor (incl. EU, AU, UK and US plug) and battery
  • Official Carry Case
  • TV Out Cable
  • Replacement battery (2009)
  • 2x XStylus
  • Fully populated (except for the nubs), but broken PCB, signed by EvilDragon (collectors item)
  • Fast 32GB SDHC Class 10 card (EMTEC)

You can get this all for about 387 euros which is a pretty good deal, even compared to the previous 340 euros pack for Easter. What they add to the pack is worth more than 40 euros so you’d be crazy to pass on that offer if you were serious about buying a Pandora 1 Ghz ! Note that the Rebirth is also available as a megapack, but the difference is like 50 euros, and I cannot honestly recomment to go a Rebirth just to save 50 euros. You’ll get so much improvement in performance it’s really worth getting the 1Ghz instead.

Note that this promotion will not last forever and will only be available through the month of June. At the time of writing I have noticed that 2 units have already been sold since the promotion was announced. The stocks may not last so you better grab one when you can!

If you plan to do anything with the files that were released today, let us know in the comments – who knows, I may be featuring your mods in a future PandoraLive article!

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David Knight
David Knight

According to the site the Rebirth is currently 385 euros, the 1GHz model is rather more expensive at 460 euros (all at 19% tax). The article suggests the 1GHz is available for 387 euros.

Braeden Mollot

It is available for 387 euros, have a link to the megapack:
Yes, the megapack is cheaper than just buying a 1ghz pandora by itself. Though it seems that ED has moved the entire remaining stock of 1ghz models into the megapack. Kinda neat imo, everyone who gets one of these is getting one of the last pandoras to be sold firsthand. Personally I picked up the 11th to last.


Can’t find one for 387€.
The link point to a 460€ pandora 1GHz meagapack !