A Cheaper Pandora For Easter


Evil Dragon has a special offer for Easter, so if you were thinking of getting a Pandora at some point this may be the right time to do so, with a 50 Euro reduction. Note that this promotion is only valid for 1Ghz units. Many people are excited about the Pyra but the Pandora is available RIGHT NOW and can do tons of things with more than 1200 applications on the repo and lots of very good ones.

As per ED’s message:

If you want to buy a 1GHz Pandora, you can save 50 EUR if you buy it within the next 1,5 weeks! There’s an Easter special! Simply use EASTER as voucher code on checkout of the DragonBox Shop and you’ll get 50 EUR off.

I just tried it and the voucher works fine, and you can therefore get a 1Ghz Pandora for 369,33 € instead of 419,33 €. You can enter the voucher code once you are in your cart.


A pretty good deal if you ask me !

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