Ripping your Favorite CDs with Asunder on Pandora

What, are you one of these hipsters who don’t buy CDs anymore and download stuff online instead? Well let me tell you Mister, you are dead wrong. CDs may be an old technology, but that’s still the best audio quality you can get out there, and with the second hand market you can get them pretty cheap. Forget about MP3s, all you need is FLAC and it would be a crying shame to use your fantastic Pandora to play back some crappy compressed format. Now with Asunder you can rip your CDs directly ON your Pandora. That’s progress for you.

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Off-topic ? Aomori Nebuta Festival in Japan


Well yeah I guess this is going to be off-topic. There’s not really much Pandora content to fit in that story, while I did use my Pandora SD Card slots to make space before making the videos of the Nebuta Festival in Aomori, a city in the northern part of Japan. This festival is famous for its huge lighted paper structures, and you’ll probably understand why I made the trip after checking the below video and pictures.

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