A Night at Hacker News Kansai in Japan

On top of Pandoralive, I am involved in a certain number of activities in my free time, and one of them is Hacker News Kansai (aka HN Kansai). HN Kansai was born from the desire to find and gather readers of Hacker News living the Kansai region of Japan (basically the Western area of Japan with Kobe, Kyoto and Osaka as major cities). As one of the 3 co-organizers (the other two being Paco and Sacha) of the event, I have been quite involved and I just wanted to share here about what we did about a month ago, since it gives a good insight as to what this event is about, and may interest a couple of folks from the Pandora community as well.

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Retro Fun at Akihabara

Last weekend I came back to Tokyo for a short visit. The main purpose of that short stay was to meet up with mmKALLL who happened to be there for a while, and to go together (with a couple of other friends from mine) in Akihabara to check stuff out. I knew most of the shops we went to, but there were a few interesting discoveries on the way…

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Awaodori, A Unique Dance Festival

Yeah, here you go for another off-topic post, again about some aspects of Japan. This time I’ll share with you my experience with the Awaodori, a dance festival held every year in the small city of Tokushima, in the 4th main island of Japan, Shikoku. Basically the whole town becomes a dancing stage for its inhabitants and their traditional yet energetic dance style.

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You Really Should Be Using Virtual Desktops


Yeah, I’m talking to you, the Big Loser in front of your small or big screen. How do I know you are a Loser? Well, obviously you are not using virtual desktops on your Pandora, if not you wouldn’t be reading this article. Well, rejoice, you can become a little less of a loser after reading this, so come and join me for a trip in Xfce.

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Who is Kenta Cho ?


Maybe the name is unfamiliar to many of you, but Kenta Cho is the Japanese game creator behind many of the shoot’em ups available on Pandora (and ported by MH-T and mcobit). rRootage, Tumiki Fighters, Titanion, just to name a few. Most of his games source code is available, and I guess you now realize he specializes in shooters. After looking at his productions I started to wonder how he came to do that. What was his story ?

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