Masters of Doom


Today I wanted to share some thoughts about the latest book I have been through, called “Masters of Doom”. No, this is not some kind of fantasy story, it’s rather a retelling of how the game “Doom” came to be, through the lives of their creators, John Carmack and John Romero.

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Kindle PaperWhite vs Pandora: Epic Fight!


Yeah, right now you are probably thinking: “WTF?” It’s certainly not fair to compare a single-function, ebook dedicated device like the Kindle with the Pandora. You may obviously, objectively say that the Kindle is the better device for that purpose. But then again, why not do a fair comparison? I have read whole books on both of these devices, and I certainly have something to say about it.

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Be More Successful in 7 Steps


Sorry for the “snake oil” headline. At least I didn’t include any statement about growing one’s extremities in 24 hours. Anyway. A couple of days ago, there was a lot of back and forth in the comments on Pandoralive (yeah, as surprising as it seems, there are readers on this blog!) regarding my initial comment “developers should spend some time marketing their stuff if they spend so much time creating it initially.” While I will not delve here into WHY I think this way, I wanted to throw out in the wild a few suggestions on how to do a better job at promoting your programs when you release them… or even before releasing them.

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A Very Active Repo


Whether you are a new or veteran Pandora owner, you are all familiar with the repository (also known as the repo) available on the site. Recently, milkshake, who is in charge of the repo management, released some figures related to the repo usage since 2011. The results are interesting.

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To Akibahara and Back… with PS1 games!

Last weekend I spent my weekend in Tokyo (yeah, I live in Japan, so this is not very hard to do) and when in town, I usually schedule a quick trip to Akibahara (秋葉原, also known as Akiba and famous for its Electric Town) with one of my friends there, who likes retro-gaming even more than I do. What did we do there? Well, we found a couple of interesting games, I ended up buying some Japanese Playstation 1 oldies, and once back at home I ripped them so that I can play them on Pandora. Ready for the full report?

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Why Support the Pandora?


The Open Pandora is not a mainstream, popular, trendy, fashionable machine. Let’s face it. Don’t expect it to sell thousands of units every week, nor to make the headlines. Worse, when people talk about it in public places, such as le repaire des cons (pardon my French) also known as Reddit, it becomes a  subject of ridicule outside of the Pandora community. So, why even spend time on a blog dedicated to the Pandora ? Is it a losing battle ?

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What the Pandora Got Right / Wrong

A few weeks ago, Binky, of the Open Pandora forums, started a topic I found interesting in many aspects. Its point was to find out what were the “right” aspects of the Pandora, as well as those which did not turn out to be as good as one can expect, the so-called “wrongs”. Since there were many interesting answers from other members, and since this is a testament to the openness of the Pandora Community in general, I thought it was worth reprinting here.

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