Impressions Of A Pyra Prototype

Back in August 2017, I had a (secret!?) meeting with PtitSeb who brought his Pyra prototype for me to check it out. Since I had not relaunched GiantPockets at the time, this article was a little delayed. As the Pyra is still not out in March 2018, it may still be worth sharing what I thought about it then. Why should you care? Well, I have used the Pandora(s) extensively for many years (from 2012 with the Rebirth and afterwards with the 1Ghz Model) so that makes me well aware of what worked and did not work with the Pandora, to evaluate the Pyra prototype on.

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SlackWare 14.1 on Pandora: Everything is Awesome!


I hope that line is not trademarked by LEGO… anyway, the point is that Slackware 14.1 on the Pandora is a great distro. I had tested it in the past but I had not given it enough of my attention then, and I now realize my mistake. Don’t get me wrong: Super Zaxxon is great and all, but if you want to enhance the utility factor of your Pandora, Slackware is one of the best ways to do it, without losing much of SZ either.

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So, What’s the Open Pandora Community Made Of ?


Ola. Hold your horses, Sir. I know this survey was conducted in October and I see your gun pointed at me, asking me why it took so long to deliver the results. Well, analysis is one of the stuff that requires time and skills. And the more data you get, the more time it takes to go through to make good value of it, and look at segmentation and stuff like that (and you are never really over with it). Hopefully by reading this article you will understand why it took a while.

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One of Us is Fighting Against Cancer


This is a guest article written by Milinks, who had previously written the long and in-depth review of Oolite that was published on PandoraLive, and made it to the first page of Hacker News at the time, too. I have come to know that he is fighting with a severe cancer, and while we exchanged a few PMs once in a while i was humbled by his condition. I offered him to share his experience here, as the Pandora was still playing an important role in his life despite the hardships. So, this is story of one of us, fighting against cancer.

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Ryan Gordon’s View on Linux Gaming


Ryan Gordon is a “God” in the Linux Gaming world. He used to work at Loki in the early 2000s, porting with other bright folks Windows AAA games for Linux way before Steam even existed. After Loki went bankrupt, he worked on many ports for the Humble Bundle and Steam, and has now become a renowned expert on how to do porting right. He gave an excellent interview very recently on the Linux Action Show, and it’s well worth watching.

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So I Finally Took Time to Make a Game


I had many “reasons” to make this game. First and foremost, since I’m a gamer (since years ago), I have always wanted to make my own game. I have always wanted to feel what it takes to make all these masters pieces I love to toy with. I would bet most of us here feel the same. Besides, porting is nice and all, but I somehow reached a limit at what I was able to port. By the end of 2012, I scored way more failed ported projects than successful ones (my GL knowledge was clearly too limited). Then I had a tough year (moving is a pain; and still having rough times…) so no time to hack. By the end of 2013, I started having some free time back. Looked like a perfect timing to start my own game.

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