Software Review: StepMania 3.9


StepMania – the premier dance simulation / rhythm game. Used in arcades worldwide, and now available in the palm of your hand. But how does it fare on the Pandora? Find out in this software review. (version reviewed:, 15/7/2013; model used: Rebirth Pandora)

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Masters of Doom


Today I wanted to share some thoughts about the latest book I have been through, called “Masters of Doom”. No, this is not some kind of fantasy story, it’s rather a retelling of how the game “Doom” came to be, through the lives of their creators, John Carmack and John Romero.

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Jedi Knight: First Screenshots on Pandora!


Many of you were wondering if it was even possible to make Jedi Knight run on Pandora after it was released as Open Source. After all, the software was using OpenGL and there is still a lack of good bridge between OpenGL and OpenGLES to port such kind of game on Pandora. That was until PtitSeb took a look at it, and after a few weeks of work, here’s a first look at the upcoming Pandora version !!

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EDuke32 – Always Bet on Duke


It still feels like yesterday – that moment when Duke Nukem 3D came out in the mid-90s. It was not the first fully textured 3D-like shooter since Doom took the lead, but it was certainly one of the best: the 3D Realms guys had tons of great ideas on how to make Duke Nukem 3D a different game, and the reason why there are still ports of it today is simply because it still kicks as much ass as it used to.

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Review: Aleph One (Marathon)


Aleph One is an open source continuation of the classic science fiction FPS series Marathon. Released in the 90’s and popularised on the Mac platform, Aleph One is faithful to the original series including the sleek menus, dark futuristic graphics, eerie sound effects and thrilling gameplay. Our own Pandora port was compiled and packaged by Pickle, with all three episodes and datafiles nicely wrapped up into a single PND.

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