So I Finally Took Time to Make a Game


I had many “reasons” to make this game. First and foremost, since I’m a gamer (since years ago), I have always wanted to make my own game. I have always wanted to feel what it takes to make all these masters pieces I love to toy with. I would bet most of us here feel the same. Besides, porting is nice and all, but I somehow reached a limit at what I was able to port. By the end of 2012, I scored way more failed ported projects than successful ones (my GL knowledge was clearly too limited). Then I had a tough year (moving is a pain; and still having rough times…) so no time to hack. By the end of 2013, I started having some free time back. Looked like a perfect timing to start my own game.

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Fantastic Paper Wars – New Screenshots


If you were not convinced by the statements from Traylorpark and Crow_riot on the boards that the development of Paper Wars was progressing, well let me reassure you: they are doing very good progress. I have just in my hands the latest build of Paper Wars (still not finished, mind you) and it looks more beautiful than ever and has now a CPU vs Player mode that is functional. There’s still work to be done, but take a look at how great this is already!

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