What You Guys Liked on PandoraLive in November


Hey guys, I’m finally back on Pandoralive after one week of vacation (the picture above shows where I was. It was warm and nice. Until I came back…). While I did enjoy my break, I was also eager to get back to writing. Let’s start with a simple post about the most popular articles featured on Pandoralive in the past month. Number 1 is going to be no surprise, but there were some interesting trends in the other ones…

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What You Guys Liked on PandoraLive in October


Yeah, I wish the Kiyomizudera in Kyoto were like that right now, but it’s not. Fucking maple leaves are late to turn red this year. So, in the meantime here’s our monthly top 5 of the articles which were somehow popular in October. There’s a few surprises, like always. And a few interesting trends as well. In case you didn’t check PandoraLive in October you may also want to double-check if you didn’t miss anything relevant.

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Most Popular Content in September 2013


Yeah, October already. Time for the maple trees to turn yellow and then red here in Japan, which is pretty nice to stroll around before the winter comes. So, you know the drill. September is over, so now we will be checking what you guys have read the most on PandoraLive over the past 4 weeks. So, is DraStic STILL the center of attention on Pandoralive? Or not ?

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Most Popular Content in August 2013


On my side of the world the August heat is finally gone, while typhoons are regularly on their way to the archipelago. I can’t say I really mind the rain, it’s rather welcome after the temperatures we had to deal with one month back. But hey, August is THE month for summer festivals in Japan, so who am I to complain? Anyway, September is here, and you may be wondering what people have been reading on Pandoralive recently? Here’s your monthly top 5.   Read More

Most Popular Content in July 2013


We are already in August. Summer is half over. At least I hope, because I’m already roasting where I live. Fuck the Sun, seriously. And the orbit we are on as well. Why can’t the planet just run in a proper circle around the fireball, I’m asking you. Anyway, this will remain a mystery, just like the Top 5 articles from this month. Really weird results there.

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Most Popular Content in May 2013


Another month has passed and we enter “summer”. Yeah, I’m sure you appreciate the irony if you are in one of the numerous countries where it still feels like winter and you get nothing but rain everyday. So much for “global warming” huh? Anyway, here’s a short overview of which articles on Pandoralive managed to grab your attention over the past 30 days.

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Most Popular Contents in March 2013


March 2013 was the first month for Pandoralive.info. I have had the idea to toy with a blog about the Pandora for a while, and since no one decided to do it after Pandorapress shut down, well… I did it and several writers accepted to join the team as well, and many guests answered the requests for guest posts or Q&A. Now, let’s have a look at which articles have proved the most popular over the past few weeks. Here’s the monthly Top 5! Read More