What You Guys Liked in January 2015

Oh it’s been a while I did not do one of those posts to let you know about all the great articles that you missed. You know, you get SO MUCH quality contact here that you tend to be drowned in it, hehe. Let’s stop the fake praise and let’s get down the business. Which articles were the most popular in January, that is.

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What You Guys Liked in August 2014


August, done! Another month bites the dust! This was a shitty month in Japan though, lots of rain, a couple of typhoons leading to the cancellation of a number of summer festivals (bugger) while I still had the chance to see the Awa Odori festival in Tokushima, which was a great as ever (see pic). It was a little bit quiet on the Pandora scene, probably because of vacations, by the Pyra was presented at the GamesCom in Germany and attracted many people.

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What You Guys Liked in July 2014


I just noticed that I’m almost one month late to tell you what articles were popular in July ! Looks like the heat has got my wits… Well we did not get a great summer in Japan, it’s been hot and rainy and there were more typhoons that we expected. July is also the month of semi (cicadas), these huge alien-like insects making a ton of noise in the trees. They don’t live too long, so by mid-end August they are all gone and dead after partying like crazy for 2-3 weeks at the end of their life. Hey, that’s a pretty cool way to go, if you think about it.

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What You Guys Liked in June 2014


June is already over, and now more than half of 2014 is gone. The soccer World Cup is all the rage on TV but I don’t really have time to watch nor to care about it. After all, the mighty Steam sales ended just a couple of days ago, and now my backlog of games just grew longer. But I’m still finishing most of the games I start. Most. In Japan, June is right in the rainy season, and so far the temperatures have been quite reasonable, and we did not get too much rain either. July, however, should be a different story. Summer is coming.

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What You Guys Liked in May 2014


May is usually the time for Golden Week in Japan, and I took the advantage of having a few days break to go to Seoul in Korea, which ended giving me an idea for one article on PandoraLive. May is also the season for “Kodomo no Hi” in Japan where Boys are actually celebrated. They get to have these huge “KoiNobori” out there, i.e. colorful carps made of fabric that look like they are jumping out of the water. Very nice, and this is definitely the signal that summer is coming. And nobody likes Summer in Japan, because it’s too darn hot and humid.

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What You Guys Liked in April 2014

April was so-so in Japan. The weather has been unstable, the cherry blossoms were great but really, really too short this year again (about a week and that’s it! The picture above is from Yawata-shi in the Kansai area, a great spot by the way) – so we only had a single hanami party, which is kind of disappointing. But we had tons of good stuff related to the Pandora and Pyra to keep us busy. Maybe you missed some of these excellent articles that Everyone had been talking about…?

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What You Guys Liked in March 2014


This marks the end of the first quarter in 2014. That was fast… but at the same time a lot of things have happened and it was another good beginning for the Pandora so far, with the compo entries and the new releases like Starcraft. In Japan March is the end of the School year so you have graduation ceremonies for about all ages (they even have ceremonies from primary school graduation!). In high school, girls usually wear kimono like the ones above in the picture on their graduation day.

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What You Guys Liked in February 2014


In February the main stuff that’s been unavoidable in Japan is the Valentine Day celebrations. I don’t really like that kind of pure marketing events, since in Japan it’s a mandatory tradition for women to buy and give chocolates both to their male co-workers (obligation so they are called giri-choko), and their special person (honmei choko). If your special person happens to be at work (or in school) and you are seen giving them honmei choco then you’re in for some good gossiping, another favorite national passtime of people in Japan. Anyway, this whole farce is all about selling chocolate, and the relevant companies make sure you don’t forget to spend your hard-earned money. In the meantime, somewhere else in the world, here’s what you were reading on PandoraLive…

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What You Guys Liked in January 2014


Here’s a picture above from the Seijin no Hi (Coming of Age Day) in Japan where youngsters celebrate the fact that they turn 20. They can finally drink alcohol and smoke (legally) from there on, and get their lung cancer 20 years later like everyone else! Other than that… January passed pretty fast. Just coming back from holidays, then plunging back into the daily routine, and there you go, it’s over before you know it! I don’t know about you, but having a cold winter makes me sleepy as well, so I don’t feel I get as much stuff done during that season either… Anyway, January was a good month for Pandoralive with many visits, and here’s a rundown of what was popular.

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