I Like it in Aluminium, Baby


In a surprising turn of events, it turns out that while the Pandora is reaching the end of its life (as the number of units to be produced is running out), there are still interesting hardware/design related projects out there. Following the recent release of source files for the case design, someone has shown interest in developing an aluminium case for the Pandora. Excellent!

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Enjoy High Resolution Using DisplayLink with your Pandora

DisplayLink is a USB2 solution to send display data from a USB source to a digital monitor (using a DVI interface). Why would you care ? Well, the Pandora has a USB2 port, and can support higher resolutions, therefore it can act as a display source and connect on a monitor to display a Full HD desktop. Don’t except stuff like playing games or videos with it, though, since the bandwidth of the USB2 port is too narrow to stream full HD video in realtime. But since the Pandora is very much a portable computer, you can enjoy the richness of its desktop applications (LibreOffice, Quassel, Firefox, etc…) with this device. Here’s how you set it up.

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In Space No One Can See You Type


That’s because Space is dark as fuck, just like your bedroom at night when the lights go out. Or even more so. And No One Can See You Type because you can’t type in the dark with your Pandora. You can’t even see the keys! I know there were some people on the forum hacking the integration of a LED directly in the case, but I had a better idea. Getting a USB LED light. Better because I can’t be bothered. And it works just as well, if not better.

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