The Pandora at Pix & Tech 2014


During the last weekend of May took place the first edition of Pix & Tech, an exhibition with a broad appeal, in Nimes, in the southern part of France. And when I say broad, I mean it. They had several themes: Lord of the Geek (everything from board games to live action RPG, with Cosplay in the middle), Indie video games (with french creators on stage), e-Sport (competitions with prizes), Education (Universities dedicated to new technologies, graphics design and video games), e-Health (how to apply technology to be in better shape), Retrogaming, and Innovation (startups, Internet of things, etc…). And the Pandora was there, too.

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MarkW: An Unusual Porter

While I am not as much of an active developer/porter as I would like to be, I do keep on eye on what’s happening on the repo, and since 2013, I have noticed that there was some guy who started to port stuff that was certainly different from what people usually expect in the community. His first few ports were not so extraordinary in themselves, but then came Jstock, CASPack and R. Wow. I then realized this MarkW was not your standard Pandora user. And not your usual porter either.

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To Akibahara and Back… with PS1 games!

Last weekend I spent my weekend in Tokyo (yeah, I live in Japan, so this is not very hard to do) and when in town, I usually schedule a quick trip to Akibahara (秋葉原, also known as Akiba and famous for its Electric Town) with one of my friends there, who likes retro-gaming even more than I do. What did we do there? Well, we found a couple of interesting games, I ended up buying some Japanese Playstation 1 oldies, and once back at home I ripped them so that I can play them on Pandora. Ready for the full report?

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