Gamescom 2015 Welcomes the Pyra


As you may have heard, the Pyra‘s prototype CPU board could not be completed on time for the Gamescom, but there’s still the devboard available at the show as well as the case and the other hardware that is already finalized. Evil Dragon too this opportunity to prepare a little video for those who could not be at the show.

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The Pyra at GamesCom


If you follow the small world of Videogames, you are probably aware that the biggest European event, aka the Gamescom, is going on in Cologne right now. The first day was reserved to businesses only, but the rest of the days are open to the public. There’s one more reason to go this year: to see the Pyra prototype at the Dragonbox Booth. And some of key community members. Here’s a quick report from the first couple of days.

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There and Back Again… Gamescom 2013


When you first arrive in front of the GamesCom entrance, you just can’t say anything else than “Wow, there are a lot of people here”. It was my first time at the GamesCom, so I wasn’t sure on what to expect. Well, I’m literally not alone in this convention. There are just thousands of people here. And I then realized that finding the Open Pandora booth may not be as easy as I thought…

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