The Deep Seeds of DraStic, DS Emulator


A couple of weeks ago, I felt the urge to know more about DraStic, the fantastic DS emulator we now have on Pandora (if you have not yet heard of it, you can catch up here and there). It’s not everyday that you get to see the birth of a new emulator, especially one as good as this one. I reached out to its author, Exophase, to learn more about his motivations, his way of working and emulators design in general.

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To Akibahara and Back… with PS1 games!

Last weekend I spent my weekend in Tokyo (yeah, I live in Japan, so this is not very hard to do) and when in town, I usually schedule a quick trip to Akibahara (秋葉原, also known as Akiba and famous for its Electric Town) with one of my friends there, who likes retro-gaming even more than I do. What did we do there? Well, we found a couple of interesting games, I ended up buying some Japanese Playstation 1 oldies, and once back at home I ripped them so that I can play them on Pandora. Ready for the full report?

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Compo4All: Making Arcade Games Social Again


Compo4All starts with a simple yet brilliant idea. Many people like retro gaming, and enjoy playing those ancient games that we use to love at the arcades. However, the said arcades have mostly disappeared, or the said games been replaced by newer ones. Therefore it has become almost impossible to go and play with friends and compete on such old games for the higher score. Compo4All has an interesting take on that issue…

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DraStic: A Promising Emulator (1.2.0)


The Pandora has been out for a while already (early models date from 2008, while the production only started to be reliable in 2012) and it was designed from the start to be a powerful machine capable of doing emulation of older consoles and computers. Over time, It has proven to be very reliable to do excellent PS1 emulation (thanks to notaz, and even with increased resolution rendering in the latest versions, something that Exophase contributed to) and GBA emulation (from Exophase and ported on Pandora by notaz), but until recently very few thought it would be able to emulate anything else. At least, anything more recent. Exophase proved everyone wrong when he started working a completely new Nintendo DS emulator that would be fast enough to run on the Pandora. Now, the beta has been available for a short while, for the DragonBox Coding competition, and it’s time to review in more details what it can and cannot do.

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