Reicast is the New Santa


Christmas is almost early this year, Santa is probably still sleeping soundly before he starts working hard in a couple of days, but nevermind Santa, Reicast from drkIIRaziel has shifted the interest all of sudden on this night of the 18th of December. Reicast is a new Dreamcast emulator, originally for Android, running very, very fast. And before you could say “oh, that’s a shame”, a port is already on the way for Pandora.

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Time Hollow: Time-Traveling Done Right

I don’t really do game reviews on Pandoralive, especially for emulated games, but I have to make an exception here to talk about Time Hollow, a Nintendo DS game I have just recently completed for the second time on the Pandora (after playing it on DS a couple of years ago… and playing it even before its release at one of the previous TGS). Thumbs up to Konami for making this great game, and to DraStic and Exophase for making this possible on Pandora.

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PPSSPP: The Hidden PSP in your Pandora


PPSSPP, the PSP emulator has been around for a while, but I had more or less disregarded it as the first versions were so far away in terms of performance to be remotely interesting for us. Things have changed significantly in the past few versions, with performance now very close to what I would call “playable” in several games. So, how good is PPSSPP (version at this point on Pandora ? Should you be paying more attention to it ?

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Mupen 2.0 Coming Soon on Pandora!


Until now when I was presenting the Open Pandora to newbies, I have usually never failed to mention it was an excellent all-purpose emulator machine in the palm of your hands… “except for N64” is what I was always careful to add, too. Our last Mupen release was not performing as well as most people wish and unfortunately it made many games unplayable. PtitSeb has taken on himself to change things and is currently working on Mupen 2.0.

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Pandora PCSX ReARMed vs Actual PS1 on TV


How good is the PS1 emulation on Pandora? I guess it often boils down to that, since the PS1 game library is so huge. In this post, I will do what nobody has done so far for the Pandora, as far as I know: to compare the same games running on actual PS1 hardware versus them being executed on the Pandora – all of that on an actual TV screen. It will be interesting to see what differences one can spot and if there’s any significant advantage of one of the other solution.

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DGen, Yet Another Megadrive/Genesis Emulator


Last week I found on sourceforge that Dgen, an old Megadrive/Genesis Emulator from the late 90s was actually still alive and kicking after its development was stopped in the early 2000s. In fact the project had been restarted to provide an open-source, multiplatform alternative emulator since there was somehow a gap in terms of offering. I just compiled it for Pandora a couple of days ago, out of interest in performance, and I’d like to share a few observations with you on performance and how to package a command line application like this one.

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DraStic, The Fastest DS Emulator on ARM, is Back


I have already talked extensively about DraStic on Pandoralive (for the earlier versions, if you don’t remember). This is really a wonderful piece of software, but as you know it still had limitations regarding games using the 3D capabilities of the DS. This did not concern only 3D games, but 2D games as well using special 3D functions to display stuff on screen. Previously DraStic was not optimized to handle that kind of things, and some games ran slowly. But we can now say “in the past..” because the last version of DraStic is so very much faster in all aspects.

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Amiga Retro Music Fun


The Amiga was the best computer of the 80s and early 90s. Period. If you pretend otherwise, it’s probably that you were a bitter Atari ST user or a vengeful PC owner. Until major titles like Wing Commander II or Ultima 7 came out, the Amiga was certainly without competition. And even when the same games were available on all platforms, the Amiga one was often the best, because of its awesome sound capabilities. Now we’ll talk about reliving these memories, once again, with the playback of .mod files.

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