Lunar Silver Star Story Complete [PS1]


Since Final Fantasy VII on PS1, which was my first official venture in the J-RPG world (I had been playing US-made RPGs for a while before though), I have been looking for great J-RPG games. But hey, when you start with FFVII, your standards are going to be incredibly hard to live up to. FFVII still remains to this day one of my favorite games (for many, many reasons), yet there are some very decent J-RPGs out there to consider. I have been playing Lunar Silver Star Story for the past few weeks, and it is without doubt another worthy gem in the J-RPG universe.

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Time Hollow: Time-Traveling Done Right

I don’t really do game reviews on Pandoralive, especially for emulated games, but I have to make an exception here to talk about Time Hollow, a Nintendo DS game I have just recently completed for the second time on the Pandora (after playing it on DS a couple of years ago… and playing it even before its release at one of the previous TGS). Thumbs up to Konami for making this great game, and to DraStic and Exophase for making this possible on Pandora.

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