Impressions Of A Pyra Prototype

Back in August 2017, I had a (secret!?) meeting with PtitSeb who brought his Pyra prototype for me to check it out. Since I had not relaunched GiantPockets at the time, this article was a little delayed. As the Pyra is still not out in March 2018, it may still be worth sharing what I thought about it then. Why should you care? Well, I have used the Pandora(s) extensively for many years (from 2012 with the Rebirth and afterwards with the 1Ghz Model) so that makes me well aware of what worked and did not work with the Pandora, to evaluate the Pyra prototype on.

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Pyra Vs Pandora: A Much Improved Design


Hey – it’s been a while I did not post any news. There are several reasons for that, but also the lack of motivation in the first place because there was not so much happening that was worth talking about on the Pandora side of things, and a lot of little posts about the Pyra that I did not feel it was necessary to “summarize”. Today, however, we have a new video, and it’s pretty well done and definitely worth sharing.

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Pyra Pre-Orders Have Started


Last week I met with PtitSeb as I started my holiday back home – during our conversation I was casually asking him what’s been happening with the Pandora lately since I did not really have any time to check news. “Oh, the Pyra pre-orders started”. Wow, already ?  It’s now been more than a week, and here’s a quick update on the whole situation.

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Pyra: Finally, A Nice and Clean Keymat


For many Pandora users out there, the keymat has always been somewhat of a problem. Some users love it, but many of us find it flawed in different ways: the keys are too hard to press, they reflect too much light, it’s tiring to use over extended period of times… fortunately, the upcoming Pyra is featuring a much improved keymat that should take care of most of the issues that we have faced so far.

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Pyra: Full Prototypes Soon!


As we are soon jumping in the 4th quarter of 2015, things are getting progressively in place for the Dragonbox Pyra, with full prototypes to be assembled within November. The remaining elements are now being produced: the keymat, following its layout finalization, is now in production and samples of the real thing will be available by Mid-October. Once received we will see how it works hands-on, and if keys are lighted up as expected via the backlights.

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Gamescom 2015 Welcomes the Pyra


As you may have heard, the Pyra‘s prototype CPU board could not be completed on time for the Gamescom, but there’s still the devboard available at the show as well as the case and the other hardware that is already finalized. Evil Dragon too this opportunity to prepare a little video for those who could not be at the show.

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What the Pyra Should Look Like : Renders


As Evil Dragon (the leader of the Pyra handheld project) mentioned before, the case is more or less finished, and last week there was a final poll as well to decide the layout of the keyboard. While the layout will be tweaked further, those renders are pretty close to what the Pyra is supposed to look like later this year. [ Note, this article was updated again on July 30th with new content. ]

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