Service Games – The Rise and Fall of Sega


Back in the 1990s a series of articles covering the history of Sega were written and put up on a website called Eidolon’s Inn as its Segabase. This covered the early days of Sega up until midway through the Sega Dreamcast’s lifespan. Those articles have now been reedited and bound into book form and extended up until the death of the Dreamcast and the company’s refocussing as a multiplatform publisher and developer. As such the book covers a lot of Sega’s history, from its foundation by an American expat in Japan through its arcade and Genesis/MegaDrive glory days and its final hurrah with the Dreamcast and everything in between.

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Free As In Freedom: A Book Worth Reading


Recently as I was developing the award-winning Hackerbooks application which makes it possible to download free books (and not free as pirated!) about Computer Science and Hacking in general, I started reading on my Pandora “Free as in Freedom” from Sam Williams, focusing on the life of Richard Stallman (RMS), the father of the GNU initiative. While I had heard about RMS many times before, reading about his life and motivations in more details provided a number of insights. Let me share some with you.

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