PNDManager: A Breath of Fresh Air


If you use your Pandora a lot, you are probably used to running PNDManager from time to time to update your applications or install new ones. PNDManager is a very practical way to do so, but recently it was suffering from several issues linked with the repo: unable to complete downloads, speeds being way too low… and while we thought development was on hold since 2012, a new update surfaced a couple of days ago.

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New Owner? Check What Model You Really Have


A couple of weeks ago I saw several people on the forum, apparently new users, confused by the stickers or the lack of clear information regarding the model they purchased. Let’s be honest, there is a clear lack of a simple system tool to confirm that “hey, you have a CC Pandora” or something else. An interesting discussion followed on how to determine which model you actually have, and I packaged a small script in a PND a couple of days ago.

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