The Best Pandora Tools to Read Manga


Nobody really talks about the Pandora as a pretty good Manga reader, so I thought I’d give you some perspective on why the Pandora is well adapted to this kind of usage. Well, size-wise, it’s always great to have a whole bunch of stuff to read in the palm of your hands. But that’s not the only reason why the Pandora is good at it.

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Kindle PaperWhite vs Pandora: Epic Fight!


Yeah, right now¬†you are probably thinking: “WTF?” It’s certainly not fair to compare a single-function, ebook dedicated device like the Kindle with the Pandora. You may obviously, objectively say that the Kindle is the better device for that purpose. But then again, why not do a fair comparison? I have read whole books on both of these devices, and I certainly have something to say about it.

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