Kindle PaperWhite vs Pandora: Epic Fight!


Yeah, right now you are probably thinking: “WTF?” It’s certainly not fair to compare a single-function, ebook dedicated device like the Kindle with the Pandora. You may obviously, objectively say that the Kindle is the better device for that purpose. But then again, why not do a fair comparison? I have read whole books on both of these devices, and I certainly have something to say about it.

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Bittorrent Sync: A Viable Dropbox Replacement?


As much as I care about having open source software as much as possible, sometimes you find out that there’s no real good alternative for some of the proprietary software out there. Take Skype, for example. Everyone would like to have a Skype client on Pandora but it’s just not possible since it’s closed source. Dropbox is another example of an excellent application where no open source (and even closed source, for that matter) client is available for GNU/Linux ARM devices. Now since last week, we however have Bittorrent Sync. Not open source, but available for ARM Linux. Is it any good?

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New Owner? Check What Model You Really Have


A couple of weeks ago I saw several people on the forum, apparently new users, confused by the stickers or the lack of clear information regarding the model they purchased. Let’s be honest, there is a clear lack of a simple system tool to confirm that “hey, you have a CC Pandora” or something else. An interesting discussion followed on how to determine which model you actually have, and I packaged a small script in a PND a couple of days ago.

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