Rediscover Browsing with Pale Moon


Pale Moon is a Belgian Beer. But it’s also a fork of Mozilla’s Firefox, aiming at providing a better user experience, refusing to move to the Australis UI interface change that Firefox recently went through (the one that sucked bad). On top of that, it’s surprisingly lightweight (interestingly, it was not a design goal of the project, more of a “collateral damage” if I may say) and what you need to know is that it runs great on the Pandora.

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Setting up OpenDNS on your Pandora


I’m pretty sure the Open Pandora crowd has heard about what DNS are. Domain Name Servers. When you put an address like in your browser bar, your browser will connect to the DNS servers to resolve the name and find the IP address attached to it. Now, do you know what DNS servers you are currently using on your machines, and your Pandora ? Mmm. Do you ?

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The Tube on the Repo. You Can’t Ride That One.


The Tube is the name of an application which is a client for browsing Youtube’s videos outside of the browser, no more, no less. Why on Earth would you want to do that? Well, it actually makes sense since viewing videos on Youtube in the browser can be pretty slow on Pandora, so many people were actually expecting something like that sooner or later. Well, it’s available now. And it rocks.

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