Breaking News: StarCraft Running on Pandora


I will definitely come back on this in more details later on, but Notaz has just done it again: he has found a way to create a port of Starcraft on Pandora, using the concept of static recompilation. It was supposed to be released for the Alive and Kicking Coding Competition but he ran into issues and could not make it on time. Note that it was already possible to run Starcraft on Pandora via QEmu, running under Windows, but it was sluggish as hell compared to what Notaz has just achieved. This is just great!

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PandoraLive is One Year Old!


It’s been one year that this Blog dedicated to the Pandora has opened its doors, and its evolution kind of mimics my experience with the Pandora. Getting my first model in 2012, then progressively becoming more involved with the Community, going back to coding stuff in my spare time… to realizing the lack of a good online resource dedicated to the Pandora (apart from the boards). “Hey, if no-one is doing it, then I will do it myself”. That’s how it all started.

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The Resources Page: Updated!


Hey guys, I’m sure most of you don’t really notice that there’s actually a menu at the top of your screen there, with a number of additional pages of contents that you may want to look at from time to time. Well, I have just updated one of them, the “Resources” page. And it’s a good place to visit. Seriously.

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Learn More with Courserian


The University of Yale, above. I offer it for free to you. Yup. Seriously. No kidding. Think I’m exaggerating ? Well what do you expect, this is a teaser to get your attention and to turn you into a click-whore, so of course I won’t make balanced statements in the teaser. What you’ll read if you click below is very likely going to change your life forever for the better. It will make you smarter, healthier, and you’ll have more women in your life (or more men, if you are a woman… a woman who likes guys, that goes without saying… oh my, avoiding discriminations make for ridiculously, painfully long paragraphs), and you’ll never see the world the same again. EVER. EVER. EVER.

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