Call to Contributors. Time to Wake Up!


Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying your summer. Here, not so much because I don’t really have summer vacation in Japan, and with the weather the only thing I can enjoy is air conditioning. 35C/80RH is pretty bad for the body and the rest of the brain that’s not busy sweating. Anyway, that explains partly my lack of activity on Pandoralive recently, but it’s also a good timing to remind you guys that a site can’t grow based on a single contributor. Yeah, big surprise hey?

When I launched PandoraLive my hopes were that several members of the Open Pandora community would join me, maybe not at first, but certainly after a couple of months, to write more articles and participate in the contents.

I guess I was a little naive?
I guess I was a little naive?

While there were certainly some guest postings (thanks to everyone who did that!) there were also several members who said they would do something but didn’t really produce anything in the end beyond a single article. For some, I’m still waiting, too.

Let’s face it, there’s something wrong here. What could be the reason ?

  • Conspiracy: a bunch of members hate PandoraLive and are just waiting for it to die. They convinced the others not to do anything for it:
  • Laziness: you guys are just a bunch of consumers and you have no intention to produce anything to support the Pandora scene.
  • Blank Mind: maybe you simply don’t know what to write about.
  • Fear of Writing: you think that your writing sucks or you have nothing worth saying.
  • Nihilism: anyway we are all going to die, the Earth will be struck by a meteor within a million year, the Universe will grow cold, we’re all fucked, so what’s the point of writing stuff?
  • Obsessive Gamer: you don’t have no time for this, you are too busy gaming.
  • Family Man: you are too busy making or raising children.

Well, I guess there may be some truth and some exaggeration in the above claims, and certainly if you have tons of kids at home it’s difficult to allocate time for something else.

But seriously, out of a community of hundreds of active members on the boards, there’s seriously no one willing to spend some time writing some articles?

I kind of doubt that.

So here I am, calling for contributors again. Obviously I cannot do more than a few posts a week (I don’t have all the time in the word and I am also supporting the Pandora in other ways, like writing applications for it, which is also important), and ideally I would like to reach a point where we have one article per day on PandoraLive. It’s clearly possible if an additional 2 to 3 writers start contributing regularly.

And if you don’t know what to write about, no worries, I have tons of ideas. There’s a lot of software waiting to be reviewed, a number of applications to test, benchmarks to run, etc… the sky is the limit. If you don’t have confidence in your writing, no worries, I carefully review each article before publishing it, and improve it if necessary.

Now it’s up to you. Comments welcome! Or you can go through the contact form, as well.

Now is the time to act if you were itching for it.

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I’d be willing to help, but I need for my pandora arrive first (hopefully in the next week or two). Its a bit hard to talk about something you don’t have.


I’m a family man 😉

With that said, I could probably be writing something – I have done that before, after all. I’m a bit wary of promising anything, though – I did say that I was going to write for Pandoranews. and after I said that I wrote one (1) (uno) post and failed to do anything else of use.

But we do have vacation. With heat. And, thus, a blank mind. We’ll see.


I could help, I can’t do it once a day, maybe once a week….hope that’s fun :)……just saiyan, maybe me


As iridepolarbears said, it is hard to contribute without getting it before… but who knows… maybe I’ll make some surprise soon?
Anyway, keep it going on, please. Community needs it, just it is a little bit frustrating after all things happened… somebody would make I_Hate_Craig soon i suppose… good luck anyway!


I’m one of the “several members who said they would do something but didn’t really produce anything in the end beyond a single article”… sorry about that! Will try to do something each week … and put it in my outlook calendar (we have to use that at work).


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