C4A Compo Weekly News 8 Sept. 2014


As mentioned last week, we have started having monthly competitions for C4A supported games. This month we fight on Flappy Bird, Nub Nub, Tumiki Fighters, and since we started there has been a lot of activity! Now it’s time to check the status after a week in September…

Here are the results as Top 5 players for each game ! Note that they are not final since there are still 3 weeks left in September, so you still have time to train and compete even if you just start now!

Flappy Bird

1. MAT 361
2. ASM 204
3. EKI 133
4. SAM 130
5. ALX 121

By the way 21 people are apparently competing on Flappy Bird!

Nub Nub

1. WB 1877192
2. ALX 1412685
3. EKI 1081828
4. MAT 876027
5. MHT 824021

7 people are now competing on this game, so there’s definitely some more space there if you want to make a difference!

Tumiki Fighters

1. MAT 912700
2. ALX 645580
3. CSC 301700
4. SEB 246120
5. EKI 244020

11 members are currently competing, here again it should not be too hard to join and compete for a place in the sun!

If we were to count the score based on these results, here’s what it would look like!

1. MAT 23
2. ALX 15
3. EKI 11
4. WB 10
5. ASM 7
6. CSC 5
7. SAM 3
8. SEB 3

Yeah, MAT is a damn fine player, and he may be difficult to beat at Flappy Bird, but for the rest I’d say nothing is impossible!

Good luck for the rest of the month and see you next week for a mid-September update!

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“By the way 21 people are apparently competing on Angry Birds!”

A small mistake, “Flappy Bird”