C4A Compo Weekly News Jan 29, 2015


We are almost at the end of the month. Only 3 days left to make a difference in the compo. Let’s see what has changed since last week’s update…

Metro Cross

1. matti1234 194900
2. alexandre 186400
3. LeMartialou 154800
4. Canseco 92950
5. ptitSeb 84100

LeMartialou more than doubled his score and took the 3rd spot as a result before Canseco. Well done! But no other changes at the very top. Matti is holding his position.


1. alexandre 24235
2. LeMartialou 23207
3. ptitSeb 23202
4. Canseco 21432
5. Ekianjo 20829

Argh! Canseco stole my 4th spot 🙂 No change otherwise. Alexandre is still the King.

Titanion Classic

1. alexandre 421292
2. LeMartialou 417351
3. matti1234 284891
4. ptitSeb 130614
5. MHT 110201

No change at all on Titanion since the last update. Things are quiet in this January for Titanion… or did everyone give up when they saw the score of Alexandre?

Temporary Ranking

And this is what you get for the current ranking.

1. alexandre 27 (10+10+7)
2. LeMartialou 19 (7+7+5)
3. matti1234 15 (10+5)
4. ptitSeb 9 (1+5+3)
5. Canseco 6 (3+3)
6. Ekianjo 1
6. MHT 1

No change since last week at the very top: Alexandre looks like a likely winner this month unless everyone else wakes up 🙂 LeMartialou seems to have consolidated a good second spot as well. Still no sign of ELW3 or other strong contenders at this stage, and Matti seems to have a hard time to get back on top right now. But anyone else can still enter the game and make a difference!

3 days to go!

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