C4A Compo Weekly News Jan 22, 2015


It’s not the most active month ever but there’s been a fierce competition going on for Metro Cross at least, with significant changes in the top positions. But you know, when there’s space, it means the market is ripe for disruption and I would not surprised if we see some new comers jumping in at the last minute before the end of the month…

Metro Cross

1. matti1234 194900
2. alexandre 186400
3. Canseco 92950
4. ptitSeb 84100
5. LeMartialou 70950

Wow! just wow ! Matti and Alexandre are fighting for the top and now Matti has the upper hand. What’s rather impressive is that they almost doubled their high score in just a week, putting themselves well head of everyone else. Now it will be interested to see how far they both go…


1. alexandre 24235
2. LeMartialou 23207
3. ptitSeb 23202
4. Ekianjo 20829
5. Canseco 19359

Funny, virtually no change in score, but LeMartialou managed to get 5 more points (out of 20 000+) and passed ptitSeb for the second spot. Apart from that, Alexandre is still very much on the top spot and there’s no Matti in the run for now.

Titanion Classic

1. alexandre 421292
2. LeMartialou 417351
3. matti1234 284891
4. ptitSeb 130614
5. MHT 110201

Alexandre is on a roll, since he grabbed the first spot from LeMartialou, by improving his previous high score for about 10 000. No other change since the other players have apparently not improved on their previous scores so far.

Temporary Ranking

And this is what you get for the current ranking.

1. alexandre 27
2. LeMartialou 15
3. matti1234 15
4. ptitSeb 11
5. Canseco 6
6. Ekianjo 3
7. MHT 1

Alexandre is still on top of the game for now – with no change in score. But Matti grabbed the second spot (with LeMartialou) for now – he would need to get into Trosh to actually make it to the top… I’m still amazed that I have secured the 6th spot.

One week to go !

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