C4A Compo Weekly News Jan 13, 2015


Looks like everyone is back from vacation and hard at work beating highscores on C4A… Let’s see how you guys did at Trosh, Metro Cross and Titanion over the past 10 days…

Metro Cross

1. alexandre 114750
2. matti1234 93050
3. ptitSeb 84100
4. Canseco 78650
5. LeMartialou 70950

Alexandre has a grudge on that one. I know, I have met him early January and he was fiercely decided to get a first spot on that one. But careful Alex, Matti is on your trail…


1. alexandre 24235
2. ptitSeb 23202
3. LeMartialou 21776
4. Ekianjo 20829
5. Canseco 19326

Trosh is crazy game made for scoring. And let me tell you that one of the key ingredients to get a very good score is to hit bull’s eye in the final target when landing, since it activates a multiplier. Easier said that done… In the meantime, Alexandre is also leading that one!

Titanion Classic

1. LeMartialou 417351
2. alexandre 313367
3. matti1234 192113
4. ptitSeb 130614
5. MHT 110201

In Titanion an outsider is getting the first spot. But who is LeMartialou ?? Anyway, Alexandre is once again in a comfortable spot, and unless Matti does something, it looks like he’s in a good position to catch the trophy this month!

Temporary Ranking

And this is what you get for the current ranking.

1. alexandre 27
2. LeMartialou 16
3. ptitSeb 15
4. matti1234 12
5. Canseco 4
6. Ekianjo 3
7. MHT 1

Youhou ! I have 3 points, who would have thought ? The big news here is that the Top 3 is very unusual: Alexandre first, LeMartialou second, and PtitSeb third… Matti is completely absent from the top at this point. And where are Asmo and Elw3 ? Someone needs to call them back 🙂

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