C4A Compo Weekly News 29 Oct. 2014


Hey, C4A’s server went to sleep again a couple of days ago ! This month has been Rather unfortunate, but thanks to the use of Fusilli client now in many C4A games, there is a caching function which keeps your score in cache until you reconnect… so hopefully no score went missing… It’s almost the end of October, let’s see how the compo is going.

Note that the Not Pacman scores on C4A are completely messed up on the C4a website at the moment since too many scores were submitted and they erased previous entries for this month. Anyway, the below should be correct, I believe.

Not Pacman

1. ASM -60
2. ELW -15
3. FIQ -8
4. MAT 10
5. ALX 34

Since the last update, ASM is still sitting in the first place with his incredible -60! ELW has been able to come back to the second spot, before FIQ. Three competitors managed to go in the negative scores, which is rather impressive.

Mini Slug

1. MAT 63500
2. ELW 59380
3. ALX 23020
4. CSC 21930
5. DVE 21580

MAT has improved on his previous score and taken the first place from ELW! That changes things considerably for the final ranking… CSC has managed to enter the 4th spot and pushed ASM out of the top 5.


1. MAT 498980
2. FIQ 148510
3. ELW 45110
4. ALX 40000
5. XXX 34330

The only change here is that ELW suddenly made an entry in the top5 since the last update, on the 3rd spot, which was honestly the most accessible since the first 2 scores are far, far ahead.


This is what the ranking looks like at the moment! MAT is still on the first spot, but ELW managed to get a good grip on the second place, and is honestly very close to MAT. FIQ, ALX and ASM can probably fight for the third spot since their scores are quite close to each other’s.

1. MAT 23
2. ELW 19
3. FIQ 12
4. ASM 10
5. ALX 9
6. CSC 3
7. DVE 1
7b. XXX 1

I will come back and check again the final scores on Friday!

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If the c4a website doesn’t work properly, try using the skeezix web frontend (forgot the URL), Sparrow C4A Manager or this fusilli call for a filtered view of the month october with ranks:
./fusilli –filtered –ranks –102014 pull notpacman



Sparrow C4A Manager can now show you a filtered view with ranks, too 🙂