C4A Compo Weekly News 26 Dec. 2014


Here’s a long overdue update for this month’s C4A compo ! This month’s games may not be appropriate for every gamer out there, but that did not prevent Asmo and Matti from fighting fiercely for the top scores.

Not Tetris

1. Asmo 16781
2. matti1234 15729
3. Voyageur 13703
4. DrHax 13602
5. Elw3 11522

A ton of competition on Not Tetris! Pretty impressive that everyone in today’s Top 4 has actually beaten the best score of the previous update (13602). Now DrHax is 4th, and Asmo and Matti are fighting for the first spot, while Voyageur secured the 3rd spot for now.

Super Methane Bros

1. Asmo 2287065
2. matti1234 1840762
3. Canseco 771391
4. alexandre 265579
5. Elw3 121640

Asmo seems to be unbeatable on this game, as he massively improved his score (from 298035 to 2287065, almost 10 times more!) by finishing the game. Matti is still in the competition but far, far behind. PtitSeb had to fix a bug in the game, by the way, since Asmo’s first completion of the game resulted in no C4A score submission.

Puzzle Tube (Points)

1. matti1234 139850
2. Asmo 131467
3. Ziz 91690
4. Canseco 75115
5. alexandre 71668

Asmo is not leading in every game and PuzzleTube seems to be the fief of Matti at least for now. Ziz is firmly set in 3rd position and this should not change too much unless Canseco or Alexandre suddenly bump up their high scores.


There’s only few days left in December and most members are probably busy between Christmas and New year, but here’s the current ranking based on the above results:

1. Asmo 27
2. matti1234 24
3. Canseco 8
4. Ziz 5
4. Voyageur 5
6. alexandre 4
7. DrHax 3

Asmo is still leading the pack, while Matti is really close in score. These two will very likely remain at the top position. There could be more competition for the third spot, since Canseco is only three points away from Ziz and Voyageur…

Final results after the New Year!

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