C4A Compo Weekly News 24 Nov. 2014


The competition has been heating up this November, and while there’s no change in the top 5 versus last week, several high scores have been beaten with numerous competitors trying to get the first spot.


1. Canseco 41520
2. matti1234 36105
3. Elwing 33920
4. alexandre 31555
5. FZERO 24850

Canseco has managed to beat Matti, even though Matti improved on his own high score in the meantime! Impressive!


1. Gandi 60928
2. Elw3 60248
3. jasay 37640
4. alexandre 28188
5. Asmo 25072

No change at all since last week. Gandi stays firmly on the first spot and Elw3 on the second spot as well. I tried to participate but none of my scores can make it to the top 5. Arf.

BosonX: Geon

1. matti1234 40720
2. Voyageur 38880
3. alexandre 36551
4. Ziz 35882
5. Elw3 30614

There has been a hard fight going on on this game. Now everyone in the top 5 is above 30 000 !! And Matti has literally destroyed his previous highscore by beating it with another 3000 points up. Voyageur improved and secured the second spot while Alexandre and Ziz are not far at all.


Matti is still holding the top score in this week. Alexandre is closing the gap though a little with only 6 points in between the both of them. All in all the top 5 has not changed at all, while each individual score was impacted a little by the recent results. Alexandre, Gandi and Canseco are all very close in score and who knows what the top 3 will be in next week!

1. matti1234 17
2. alexandre 11
3. Canseco 10
3. Gandi 10
5. Elw3 8
6. Voyageur 7
7. Elwing 5
7. jasay 5
9. Ziz 3
10. FZERO 1
10. Asmo 1

There’s now less than a week until December… It’s now or never the time to make a difference 🙂

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