C4A Compo Weekly News 23 Sept. 2014


It’s almost the end of September and there’s not much time to compete on the current games.  This month we fight on Flappy Bird, Nub Nub, Tumiki Fighters. Only one more week to go and MAT is still at the top and seems unbeatable…

Here are the results as Top 5 players for each game ! Note that they are not final since there are still 1 week left in September. The final results will be checked right after Midnight on September 30th.

Flappy Bird

1. MAT 361
2. ASM 240
3. SAM 149
4. EKI 133
5. ALX 121

SAM has managed to pick up the 3rd stop by beating me! Well done! MAT and ASM are still way ahead, though…

Nub Nub

1. WB 1877192
2. MHT 1773261
3. MAT 1716354
4. ALX 1412685
5. FIQ 1118058

No major change except that FIQ has entered the top by picking the 5th place I had secured until then! What, again?

Tumiki Fighters

1. MAT 1028890
2. ALX 645580
3. XXX 602920
4. DSP 402920
5. CSC 301700

A lot of changes on Tumiki Fighters, with XXX taking the third place, and CSC taking the 5th spot that was held by SEB previously. The top has not moved much, however.

If we were to count the score based on these results, here’s what it would look like!

1. MAT 25
2. ALX 11
3. WB 10
4. MHT 7
5. ASM 7
6. SAM 5
7. XXX 5
8. EKI 3
9. DSP 3
10. FIQ 1

The top 3 or even 5 has not changed, but the bottom part of the TOP 10 has been hit by a tsunami, with SAM, XXX entering higher spots and moving everyone else at the bottom.

There’s just one week left before the end of the month, it’s now or never if you want to make a difference and secure a higher spot, before we move to new games to compete on!

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I like this posts^^. 361 at flappy bird is crazy 😀


Agreed. I’ve had a few goes at this game now, only getting to around 40 something at best… 20 something on average.
Getting these kind of high scores is amazing


Dammit… I took the 2nd position last night on Tumiki Fighters [XXX] … You must’ve compiled this article literally moments before I got that score.
…Now I just need to hold that for another week to claim silver 🙂

…Or, try and nearly double my score and knock MAT off the pole position, but I don’t fancy my chances with that much