C4A Compo Weekly News 23 Oct. 2014


Hey, this update is a little late as well, since there were some major issues with C4A in the past week or something. The server went down, Skeezix took some time to notice, and then the support team was unavailable during the weekend. But things are back online for a couple of days now, and the competition rages on!

Note that the Not Pacman scores on C4A are completely messed up on the C4a website at the moment since too many scores were submitted and they erased previous entries for this month. Anyway, the below should be correct, I believe.

Not Pacman

1. ASM -60
2. FIQ -8
3. MAT 10
4. ELW 28
5. ALX 34

Since the last update, ASM has been able to further improve in the negative scores! Jumping from -8 to -60! Who thought this was even possible ?? MAT has improved while still largely behind, now at the third place. FIQ is entrenched with -8. Looks like ASM is here to stay, but the second spot could be taken, in theory…

Mini Slug

1. ELW 59380
2. MAT 57610
3. ALX 23020
4. DVE 21580
5. ASM 18940

Actually no change at all since the last update. Maybe because of C4A troubles. Guys, there’s opportunity to score there.


1. MAT 498980
2. FIQ 148510
3. ALX 40000
4. XXX 34330
5. MHT 29010

The only change here is FZero (XXX) taking the 4th spot and pushing MHT to the 5th place. Apart from that, it was pretty quiet. It’s fairly obvious MAT is going to stay at the top, and FIQ is going to be hard to beat as well… but the following spots are definitely challengeable.


This is what the ranking looks like at the moment! MAT is still ahead! I feel FIQ could be on to something if he managed to score on Minislug… ELW may get to a second place if he scored on A7xpg… And now the fourth place is strongly disputed between ASM and ALX too – will they be able to distance themselves from each other?

1. MAT 22
2. FIQ 14
3. ELW 13
4. ASM 11
4b. ALX 11
6. DVE 3
6b. XXX 3
8. MHT 1

The conclusion of this battle is expected in less than 7 days now!

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