C4A Compo Weekly News 12 Nov. 2014


All right, my previous post about the compo status in this November was COMPLETELY wrong, as noted by PtitSeb. I had assumed that the ELW guy who made it to the top of several games was actually the same person. Turns out he’s not and his evil double made me look like a fool ! Here’s a proper ranking based on the actual names instead of 3 letters aliases.


1. Canseco 33775
2. Elwing 32020
3. alexandre 31555
4. matti1234 31465
5. FZERO 21050


1. Elw3 60248
2. jasay 37640
3. alexandre 28188
4. Asmo 25072
5. Package 20820

BosonX: Geon

1. matti1234 37873
2. alexandre 36551
3. Voyageur 35556
4. Canseco 30104
5. Ziz 27572


Now this is the ACTUAL ranking. As you can see Alexandre is actually first, followed by Canseco and Matti1234 ! Elw3 actually only has 10 points, while Elwing has 7. So their scores are actually not combined, this time! Well done to Alexandre for leading the way !

1. alexandre 17
2. Canseco 13
2. matti1234 13
4. Elw3 10
5. Elwing 7
5. jasay 7
6. Voyageur 5
7. Asmo 3
8. FZERO 1
8. Package 1
8. Ziz

Sorry for the silly mistake again. Now you can all go back to beating highscores as if nothing strange happened.

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Now you forgot me in the global ranking. 🙂


Boson X always crashes when i go over 200%, probably not affecting the result anyway, i would say i wont reach 300% soon.
Oh yea and i suck at prototype. Not a good month…

Btw i joked with elwing “I bet he will mess that up”, I was confused too that i had score in a game i never played.


Not exactly 200%, more an about 200% it starts to behave weird and may crash.

Others reported that too on irc …
Ill try to grab you the output when i can. And now lets stop talking bout it at this place :p