C4A Compo Weekly News 11 Oct. 2014


I am a little late for this C4A weekly news but I hope you will forgive me. As this is the first week in October it was certainly eventful and a good time to grab a good starting position for the month! We are playing on Not Pacman, Mini Slug and A7xpg these days.

Here are the results as Top 5 players for each game ! Note that they are not final since there are still more than 2 weeks left in October. The final results will be checked right after Midnight on October 31st.

Not Pacman

1. ASM -9
2. FIQ -8
3. ELW 28
4. MAT 30
5. ALX 34

Yeah, there are negative results at the top ! PtitSeb actually added the scoring function in Not Pacman since it was not there in the beginning, and he did not expect that there would be people actually capable of turning up negative score values by eating ghosts very fast (eating ghosts reduce the time you spent on the level).

ASM and FIQ were both able to go in negative mode, this is becoming an interesting challenge in itself!

Mini Slug

1. ELW 59380
2. MAT 32730
3. ALX 23020
4. DVE 21580
5. ASM 18940

ELW seems to shine in this game, with a pretty high score. And you know what ? This is the all-time high score on this game, beating the previous one established by SF9 ! Magic-MAT, winner of the previous month, is in second place but far, far behind in score…


1. MAT 498980
2. FIQ 148510
3. ALX 40000
4. MHT 29010
5. XXX 27590

But hey, MAT may not be the first everywhere, but shoot’em ups seem to be his speciality. Now with A7xpg he proves again he is able to score way higher than anyone else, with more than 3 times the score of FIQ in the second spot. He also managed to beat his previous highscore around 397000. We have a new alien in town ! Looks like ELW has not tried this game yet, so once he does the final results may look very different…

If we were to count the score based on these results, here’s what it would look like!

1. MAT 20
2. ELW 15
3. FIQ 14
4. ALX 11
4b. ASM 11
6. DVE 3
6b. MHT 3

MAT is still first, but ELW could seriously change the deal this month if he manages to score in A7xpg. FIQ could certain also claim a higher spot if he scored a decent place in Mini Slug. This is exciting and it seems there may be surprises later in the month… Good luck to the current competitors and to the new challengers!

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A7Xpg, a shoot ’em up? Really?