C4A Compo Weekly News 11 Nov. 2014


There’s a lot of competition on the latest games proposed for the November compo. And for now, MAT is not yet leading the crowd. It seems like ELW, who won October’s compo, is not going to let go of the first spot so easily.


1. ELW 32020
2. MAT 31465
3. ALX 30410
4. CSC 30080
5. XXX 21050

Everyone is actually very close to each other in Prototype, an old-school shooter. ELW is leading but MAT, ALX and CSC are clearly not too far. Things could change anytime, really…


1. ELW 60248
2. JRA 37640
3. ALX 28188
4. DVE 20820
5. ASM 17172

We will have to see if Sebt3 intends to participate in the competition or not (since he scored 70 000+ last month if I remember correctly) but so far ELW is well ahead with a very nice score of 60000+. Interestingly, MAT is not yet in the top 5, so that drags him down in the overall ranking.

BosonX: Geon

1. MAT 37873
2. ALX 36551
3. VOY 35556
4. CSC 28201
5. ZIZ 25532

Impressive showing on BosonX:Geon… 3 players made it above 35000 which is quite hard. MAT is back again at the top here, in what he seems to excel, i.e. reflex-based games. Note that ALX is very, very close, too, while ELW is completely missing at this stage. We have an interesting pattern among those three games, where we do not always see the same competitors at the top.


This is what the ranking looks like at the moment! ELW is leading the pack, and MAT and ALX are at the same level at this stage. What’s interesting is that ALX seems to be most the most well-rounded gamer this time around as he scored in the top 5 for every single game.

1. ELW 20
2. MAT 17
2. ALX 17
4. JRA 7
5. CSC 6
6. VOY 5
7. DVE 3
8. XXX 1
8. ZIZ 1

More on this in next week… there’s still time to go before the end of the month, and everything can change.

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Just a note, beware that the 3 letter code may not be enough to follow the competition, there are at least 2 SEB (Sebt3 and myself) and 2 ELW (Elwing and ELW3)!
Espacialling, the ELW in top 5 of Prototype is not the same as the ELW in the top 5 of Squared!