C4A Compo Weekly News 11 Dec. 2014


Last month of the year… and 3 difficult games to compete on to keep you playing until New Year’s eve! This time we have Not Tetris, Super Methane Bros, and Puzzle Tube.

Not Tetris

1. DrHax 13602
2. Asmo 10705
3. matti1234 10639
4. Voyageur 8578
5. alexandre 4796

Not Tetris is a very tough game… Go ahead and try to line up stuff together when each brick has physics…well done DrHax for leading the pack!

Super Methane Bros

1. Asmo 298035
2. Canseco 283106
3. alexandre 265579
4. matti1234 172869
5. Package 13525

Super Methane Bros is a Puzzle Bubble like game that was made on the Amiga in the early 90s. But it plays a little differently and gets hard quite fast. Asmo took the first spot for now but Canseco and Alexandre are just right behind him in scores.

Puzzle Tube (Points)

1. Asmo 95082
2. alexandre 71668
3. Canseco 44499
4. matti1234 22127

An original game for the Pandora, Puzzle Tube is very well done with neat 3d graphics. It takes a little while to grasp how the controls work, and then you are on your way to beat the high scores. Asmo is leading for now.


This is the current ranking, and Asmo is first for the moment. I wonder if Matti is going to catch up this time. We will see in the next few days…

1. Asmo 27
2. alexandre 13
3. Canseco 12
4. matti1234 11
5. DrHax 10
6. Voyageur 3
7. Package 1

Good luck on the games!

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