C4A Compo Status on May 30th


It’s time to give you guys a last change to either participate or improve you scores in the current competition in May. There has not been too much activity in the past couple of weeks so now is the time or never to get your Pandora in hands and make a difference.

We are competing on Boson X Ration, F-1 Spirit and Tile Massacre Shmup these days. It’s the second time we fight on Boson X, but this time it’s on a different level, Radion (higher difficulty).

Boson X Radion

1. Matti1234 325.63% (~)
2. Voyageur 238.25% (~)
3. Alexandre 173.06% (~)
4. Canseco 130.07% (~)
5. Socket 98.45% (~)

While Voyageur and Canseco managed to improve on their scores, there was not much effect in the top 5: no change at all and Matti remains at the very top.

F-1 Spirit

1. Canseco 281 (~)
1. PtitSeb 62 (~)
3. Matti1234 40 (~)
4. Socket 30 (~)
5. Ekianjo 22 (~)

Did people stop playing this game already ? Looks like it, since there is no change at all in the scores. I have to admit the way C4A works here is not optimal, it takes too much time to get a decent score.

Tile Massacre Shmup

1. Alexandre 1150650 (~)
2. Canseco 1047870 (+)
3. Asmo 620100 (-)
4. Matti1234 506710 (-)
5. Ekianjo 504180 (+)

Alexandre has a large lead in this game and remains untouchable. Canseco managed to grab a better seat at the second spot, at the expense of Asmo and Matti. And look who else is making it in the top 5 again!

Temporary May Ranking

1. Canseco 20 (3+10+7) (+)
2. Matti1234 18 (10+5+3) (-)
3. Alexandre 15 (10+5) (~)
4. PtitSeb 7 (7) (~)
4. Voyageur 7 (7) (+)
6. Asmo 5 (5) (-)
7. Socket 4 (1+3) (~)
8. Ekianjo 2 (1+1) (~)

There is only 2 days left in May, so I would not expect many things to happen before the competition ends, but this may act as a wake up call. Matti has dropped from the 1st stop to the second, and he may be interested to pick the axe again. Canseco is now looking like the most likely candidate for a first spot. Alexandre is also well positioned to remain at least number 3 no matter what.

Final results will be announced on the first of June!

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