C4A Compo Status on May 19th


As you guys can notice, I did not have tons of time in the past few weeks, but do not worry, there’s a bunch of articles coming your way… in the meantime, here’s a quick status check on the Monthly C4A compo. There’s as much competition as ever, except that I’m not taking part of it. For now. Beware, Matti and Canseco !

We are competing on Boson X Ration, F-1 Spirit and Tile Massacre Shmup these days. It’s the second time we fight on Boson X, but this time it’s on a different level, Radion (higher difficulty).

Boson X Radion

1. Matti1234 325.63%
2. Voyageur 216.99%
3. Alexandre 173.06%
4. Canseco 108.34 %
5. Socket 98.45%

Impressive score achieved again by Matti here! Leaving everyone way, way behind. But truth is, there’s quite a gap for most players’ scores out there, so it seems pretty difficult to make a dent into the higher spots here…

F-1 Spirit

1. Canseco 281
1. PtitSeb 62
3. Matti1234 40
4. Socket 30
5. Ekianjo 22

F-1 Spirit is pretty unforgiving in the way you score in C4A. You need to win (or get a good ranking) consecutively in several races in order to get scores like the one Canseco achieved. Needless to day, you’ll be struggling on that one unless you have a lot of training.

Tile Massacre Shmup

1. Alexandre 1150650
2. Asmo 620100
3. Matti1234 506710
4. Canseco 484410
5. Socket 207100

Alexandre is clearly shining in this game, with more than twice the score of Matti, which is something few people can claim to achieve. Asmo, Matti and Canseco are not so far from each other in score, so things could still change.

Temporary May Ranking

1. Matti1234 20 (10+5+5)
2. Canseco 16 (3+10+3)
3. Alexandre 15 (10+5)
4. PtitSeb (7)
4. Asmo 7 (7)
4. Voyageur 7 (7)
7. Socket 5 (1+3+1)
8. Ekianjo 1

A temporary ranking showing again Matti at the top ? What a surprise… but at least there’s a good chance things could change at the Top 3, since Canseco and Alexandre are very close in scores, and Matti is potentially vulnerable on F-1 Spirit and Tile Massacre Shmup. Now you know where to strike, I’ll leave the rest of the action up to you guys 🙂

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Hey! I’m in 4th place too, I’m second at F-1 Spirit, I have 7 points (it’s not that often I score at c4a).


Wow, you just misspelled my name seven times in one article. That must be a new record.
Not that I really care, but SEVEN times… I just had to mention it this time 😛