C4A Compo Mid-April Results


The compo this month is taking an interesting turn with a number of new comers versus the usual suspects. We now have folks like Bzar, Comradekingu, Holysmoke taking part in it. Let’s see how everyone is doing.

We are competing on Barbarian, Mr Rescue and Space Rocks in this month.


1. Canseco 18950
2. Comradekingu 18000
3. Mattil1234 16250
4. Ekianjo 13500
5. Asmo 13350

Canseco and Comradekingu are very, very close in score. Barbarian is a pretty difficult game and it may provide difficult to go beyond a certain threshold.

Mr Rescue

1. Matti1234 54095
2. Asmo 46845
3. Comradekingu 28675
4. Canseco 27620
5. Ekianjo 7170

Mr Rescue is a pretty fun game programmed in LOVE. Matti is leading by far the scores for now, but Asmo is not too far. I thought I had a decent score until I looked at Matti’s performance. Woash.

Space Rocks

1. Bzar 64230
2. Matti1234 44370
3. Asmo 39350
4. HolySmoke 22440
5. Canseco 18820

Bzar is taking the first place for now and it looks like he is going hard to beat… Even Matti is far behind. There’s probably ample space to grab seats in the top 5, since there’s so much space between each of the top 5 scores.

Temporary April Ranking

1. Matti1234 22 (5+10+7)
2. Canseco 14 (10+1+3)
3. Asmo 13 (1+7+5)
4. Comradekingu 12 (7+5)
5. Bzar 10 (10)
6. Ekianjo 4 (1+3)
7. HolySmoke 3 (3)

Mattil has taken the lead, and the best way to tackle him would be to beat him on Mr Rescue since he seems not to perform too well on the other games for now 🙂 The next 3 places are quite crowded, only separated by a couple of points. There’s another two weeks left before the end of the month, everything can still change!

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