C4A Compo June Results and What’s Next!


The participation this past month was pretty low, and I am partly to blame since I did not really spread the word much either, and did not even compete myself. Anyway, let’s see how everyone did on the three games we had to compete on.

There was hardly much competition on Dave Gone Apeshit, since apparently only El3 and Matti1234 were playing for the top. I’m pretty sure everyone else just tried it only once or something and left it at that 🙂

Dave Gone ApeShit

1. Elw3 385s
2. Matti1234 264s
3. Wb 33s
4. Asmo 11s
5. Patouf 8s

The situation was a bit better for Open Tyrian, but there was a lack of competitors (not even 5!).

Open Tyrian Episode One

1. Elw3 296993
2. Matti1234 176934
3. Patouf 129478
4. Elwing 119880

Ziz woke up to show everyone who actually owns the game – for Snowman. And nobody can touch him!

Snowman: Easy

1. Ziz 12965
2. Elw3 8857
3. Matti1234 8580
4. Wb 4335

Here’s the final ranking for June (for the lack of any temporary one…)

Final June Ranking

1. Elw3 27 (10+10+7)
2. Matti1234 19 (7+7+5)
3. Ziz 10 (10)
4. Wb 8 (5+3)
5. Patouf 6 (1+5)
6. Elwing 3 (3)
6. Asmo 3 (3)

Well done to Elw3 who managed to grab the prize this time! Matti1234 has no issue whatsoever getting the second slot.

What’s Next

We will take a break for summer. The next compo will start in September again, and by that time, we will come back with a slightly different formula. Hopefully everyone will be refreshed by then. In the meantime, enjoy summer time and holidays if you have any !

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