C4A Compo Jan 2015 Results and Feb Compo !


We are almost at the end of the month. Only 3 days left to make a difference in the compo. Let’s see what has changed since last week’s update…

Metro Cross

1. LeMartialou 280400
2. matti1234 253450
3. alexandre 186400
4. Canseco 92950
5. ptitSeb 84100

Wow, what a finish ! Matti and LeMartialou completely crushes their own previous high scores and LeMartialou ended up in the first spot, leaving Matti and Alexandre behind.


1. alexandre 24235
2. LeMartialou 23207
3. ptitSeb 23202
4. Canseco 21432
5. Ekianjo 20829

No change in last few days for Trosh. Alexandre still in the lead!

Titanion Classic

1. LeMartialou 426098
2. alexandre 421292
3. matti1234 293034
4. ptitSeb 130614
5. MHT 110201

LeMartialou took over again Alexandre just 2 days before the end of the compo. Very impressive score again, just a few points ahead but that’s enough to get the first spot here! Matti improved on his score but that was not enough to take the 2nd spot.

Final Ranking: January 2015

And this is what you get:

1. LeMartialou 27 (10+7+10)
2. alexandre 22 (5+10+7)
3. matti1234 12 (7+5)
4. ptitSeb 9 (1+5+3)
5. Canseco 6 (3+3)
6. Ekianjo 1
6. MHT 1

That was a great way to end this compo! As I mentioned a couple of days back, everything is still possible and LeMartialou proved it! He took everyone by surprise by securing the first spot on two games out of three, shooting himself on the first place that Alexandre had kept so long. Well done LeMartialou but well done to Alexandre and Matti as well who managed to beat their own high scores several times in a row !

New Compo in February 2015

Those are the games we will fight on until the end of February:

  • Burgerspace
  • Ghouls ‘n Ghosts REMIX (not the MAME version, be careful)
  • Parsec47 (ROLL mode)

The Game is ON !

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Very tight competition this month indeed!!

For PARSEC47, is it ROLL mode or LOCK mode?


Since it was my first participation to the monthly compo I figured I’d have to make an impression ;p What can I say? It was tough, and it was FUN ! I really loved the fact that this competition forced me to pay really great attention to the mechanics of each game. Thanks to all participants and thank you Ekianjo for this competition, this blog and all you do for the pandora community ! (Well… considering the participants I guess I should also thank you for all you do for the pandora community 😉 You can count on me as… Read more »