C4A Compo Feb 27 2015 Status !


We are at the very end of February and this is the last 24 hours that you can use to make a difference if you are taking part in this month’s compo !


1. Asmo 718150
2. matti1234 631250
3. LeMartialou 76000
4. Canseco 63050
5. Socket 32000

No change in the top, but Canseco significantly increased his score, bringing him close to LeMartialou – while Turbochop was kicked out of the 5th spot by Socket!

Ghouls and Ghosts Remix

1. matti1234 39800
2. LeMartialou 30450
3. Canseco 29050
4. Asmo 26250
5. socket 23000

Canseco took the 3rd spot before socket, and Asmo managed to fit in between as well. Now the scores are really tight between the 2nd and 4th spot!

Parsec 47 Roll Mode

1. matti1234 7969560
2. LeMartialou 5939020
3. Socket 1973510
4. alexandre 1710310
5. MHT 1593380

On Titanion the top 5 has completely changed if you looked at the scores! Matti was already first but he doubled his score again, and LeMartialou has achieved a score that was like 50% over what Matti did 2 weeks ago. Socket entered the game and grabbed the 3rd stop out of nowhere, pushing alexandre and MHT to the 4th and 5th spot! One thing is sure, however, you don’t mess with Matti for shoot’em ups!

Temporary Ranking

1. matti1234 27
2. LeMartialou 19
3. Asmo 13
4. Canseco 8
5. socket 7
6. alexandre 3
7. MHT 1

Matti is still the king for now, unless someone managed to beat his impressive scores in the next day or so. The rest is more or less inchanged in the ranking, except Canseco jumping up to the 4th spot where Socket was before. But these two are very close to each other, and something could still happen. Le Martialou and Asmo seem to be comfortably sat on their second and third seats, so I would not expect much change in the top 3.

But I can still be proven wrong.

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Well… I broke my D-Pad yesterday trying to beat Matti at Parsec47… This game can be a little bit… frantic… sigh… (and I can’t feel the tip of my right thumb anymore)

So that would be it for me this month, I hope to be able to fix my pandora for the next round ^^’ (left direction was sticky at first, now it doesn’t work anymore )

I should have listened to the wise old saying:



you don’t mess with Matti for shoot’em ups!

Too bad people weren’t obeying this “rule” in last month’s and November’s competitions 😛