C4A Compo Feb 15 2015 Status !


Middle of February, and the competition is raging on on Burgerspace, Parsec 47 and Ghouls and Ghost remix ! Most of these games require excellent reflexes and visual coordination. Let’s see who this selection seem to fit the best…


1. Asmo 718150
2. matti1234 631250
3. LeMartialou 76000
4. Canseco 17350
5. Turbochop 15950

We see Asmo and Matti being far, very far ahead of the rest. A magnitude of 10 between the first 2 and the 3rd. Wow. That gap is going to be tough to cross.

Ghouls and Ghosts Remix

1. matti1234 39800
2. LeMartialou 30450
3. socket 23000
4. Asmo 22850
5. Canseco 16700

Matti is doing fine here, while Asmo not so much, so far. LeMartialou is taking a pretty good second spot, followed by a newcomer, Socket!

Parsec 47 Roll Mode

1. matti1234 3338120
2. LeMartialou 1989350
3. alexandre 1710310
4. MHT 1593380
5. Canseco 1273130

Matti seems to have the best hand when it come to shooters… Here he is again, far ahead of everyone else. LeMartialou and Alexandre are quite close, MHT and Canseco lagging a little behind. Note that Asmo is absent from that game’s Top 5 for now.

Temporary Ranking

1. matti1234 27
2. LeMartialou 19
3. Asmo 13
4. socket 5
5. Canseco 5
6. alexandre 5
7. MHT 3
8. Turbochop 1

Matti seems to be back at the top of his game. LeMartialou is the most likely contender for the second spot at this stage – after all, he was last month’s winner – but can he make it back to the top ? Asmo could progress if he could manage a decent score at Parsec47.

2 more weeks to go (a little less actually). There’s still time to take on Matti 🙂

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