C4A Compo December Results, and January Compo


Happy New Year everyone! It’s going to be another great year for the Pandora (and hopefully the Pyra) and for C4A compos! In the meantime, let’s have a look at how 2014 ended in the last compo… and who won!

Not Tetris

1. Asmo 16781
2. matti1234 15729
3. Voyageur 13703
4. DrHax 13602
5. Elw3 11522

No change on Not Tetris since the Dec 26th update. Seems like everyone was busy for the New Year’s pre3parations!

Super Methane Bros

1. Matti1234 2600843
2. Asmo 2309851
3. Canseco 771391
4. alexandre 265579
5. Elw3 131107

Super Methane Bros was however ripe for competition. Since Dec 26th, both Asmo and Matti improved on their original scores, Matti actually doing the biggest jump and taking the first spot! Impressive scores we have there in the top 2, leaving everyone else far, far behind.

Puzzle Tube (Points)

1. matti1234 139850
2. Asmo 131467
3. Elw3 93761
4. Ziz 91690
5. Canseco 75115

No big change in the top 5 scores, but Elw3 managed to grab the 3rd stop before the New Year, pushing Ziz and Canseco down and leaving Alexandre out of the top 5.


And this is what you get for the final ranking. Asmo was leading the pack on December 26th, but things have now changed…

1. matti1234 27 (10+10+7)
2. Asmo 24 (10+7+7)
3. Elw3 7 (5+1+1)
4. Canseco 6 (5+1)
5. Voyageur 5
6. Ziz 3
6. alexandre 3
6. DrHax 3

Because Matti took the first spot in Super Methane Bros, Asmo lost 3 points and conceded the first place to Matti ! This was a really right competition this time. Elw3 managed to grab the 3rd place at the last minute with his score on Puzzletube.

Well done to everyone who participated!

January C4A Games

You may have been waiting for it… here’s the 3 games we will compete on in this month:
– Titanion “Classic” Mode.
– Trosh The Movie, The Game
– Metro Cross

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Indeed, december is not a quiet month where you can spend evenings trying to beat c4a scores 🙁

Congrats to the winners! And happy new year to all Pandora/Pyra fans