C4A Compo April Results and May Compo


The April compo is now over, and while I can’t say there were many changes since the previous temporary results, we have one sneaky Canseco who made some smart moves while everyone was not looking. And managed to go up, and up…

We were competing on Barbarian, Mr Rescue and Space Rocks in this month.


1. Canseco 25950 –
2. BZar 24750 –
3. HolySmoke 21750 –
4. Mattil1234 18800 –
5. Comradekingu 18000 –

There was no change at all since the mid-april update. I guess everyone decided that Canseco was the best and gave up ? 🙂

Mr Rescue

1. Asmo 55660 –
1. Matti1234 54095 –
3. Canseco -> 50550
4. Bzar 47785 –
5. HolySmoke 44315 –

Not much change but Canseco managed to get a seat in the sun by landing on the 3rd spot and pushing me out of my fifth spot! Argh ! Asmo remains the king of the firemen, though.

Space Rocks

1. Bzar 64230 –
2. Matti1234 57890 –
3. Canseco 33090 -> 42830
4. Asmo 39350 –
5. HolySmoke 22440 –

Again it was pretty much static, except for Canseco who decided that he could do even better… and he did, moving from the fourth spot to the third by increasing his previous score by almost 10 000. Bzar remain the chief pirate in space for now, though.

Final April Ranking

1. Bzar 23 -> 20 (10+7+3)
1. Canseco 14 -> 20 (10+5+5)

3. Matti1234 17 – (7+7+3)
4. Asmo 15 -> 13 (10+3)
5. HolySmoke 9 -> 7 (5+1+1)
6. Comradekingu 1 – (1)

As you can see, we have two winners! Bzar and Canseco made it both to 20 points and since there’s no really any way to set them apart (if one had played 2 games only, he one who scored at 3 different games would be considered to have the upper hand) they both well deserve their first place on the podium. Congratulations! A special note to Canseco for grabbing points until the very end!

Matti finished with the honors on the third spot, and Asmo was not far either. Well done to everyone who managed to stay with points, you should know that most people get kicked at the bottom of the list with only dust for grabs.

C4A May Compo!

It’s getting warmer outside (if you are in the northern hemisphere), and things will get hot this month:

  • F-1 Spirit (Racing)
  • Boson X : Radion (Jump and Don’t Die)
  • Tile Massacre Shmup (a shmup…?)

Good luck to Everyone!

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Sneaky Canseco… 😀


Reliable B-Zar, 😉