Why Support the Pandora?


The Open Pandora is not a mainstream, popular, trendy, fashionable machine. Let’s face it. Don’t expect it to sell thousands of units every week, nor to make the headlines. Worse, when people talk about it in public places, such as le repaire des cons (pardon my French) also known as Reddit, it becomes a ┬ásubject of ridicule outside of the Pandora community. So, why even spend time on a blog dedicated to the Pandora ? Is it a losing battle ?

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What the Pandora Got Right / Wrong

A few weeks ago, Binky, of the Open Pandora forums, started a topic I found interesting in many aspects. Its point was to find out what were the “right” aspects of the Pandora, as well as those which did not turn out to be as good as one can expect, the so-called “wrongs”. Since there were many interesting answers from other members, and since this is a testament to the openness of the Pandora Community in general, I thought it was worth reprinting here.

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Compo4All: Making Arcade Games Social Again


Compo4All starts with a simple yet brilliant idea. Many people like retro gaming, and enjoy playing those ancient games that we use to love at the arcades. However, the said arcades have mostly disappeared, or the said games been replaced by newer ones. Therefore it has become almost impossible to go and play with friends and compete on such old games for the higher score. Compo4All has an interesting take on that issue…

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